It’s Still Cold Out There!

2021-03-04T14:37:47+01:00janvier 26th, 2017|

Looks can be deceiving.  Despite some lovely sunshine this morning, it was minus eight degrees again.  There was no frost [...]

Version 2 of Bedroom 3

2021-03-04T14:37:48+01:00janvier 26th, 2017|

After much procrastinating, 'half days' and a few days off, I finally finished 'upgrading' Bedroom 3.  The wardrobe and dressing [...]

Winter Work

2021-03-04T14:37:48+01:00janvier 13th, 2017|

Well, Christmas is over and we've made a start on getting back into the DIY.  We have lists, for lists [...]

A New Year’s Outing

2021-03-04T14:37:49+01:00janvier 1st, 2017|

The hoar frost is still with us, although it's warmed up a little - only minus 4 degrees today, positively [...]