All things new

2016-05-29T00:37:25+01:00mai 29th, 2016|

Each day, it seems, brings some new discovery or experience to our lives here in France.... What's behind the barn [...]

Close Encounters

2016-05-21T22:53:10+01:00mai 21st, 2016|

Jenny Wren Yesterday, while seed sowing and potting, I was kept company by a little wren that was constantly alarm calling.  [...]

Outdoor pursuits

2016-05-21T21:54:01+01:00mai 21st, 2016|

Clearing the woodland walk of ivy and removing deadwood and brambles has created a huge pile of rubbish to dispose [...]

Visitors and visits….

2016-05-16T11:16:44+01:00mai 16th, 2016|

New Arrivals Aside from the two boars we purchased from the brocante (and Silvie and Gils' new granddaughter!), we've had [...]

A visit to the brocante

2016-05-15T23:03:33+01:00mai 15th, 2016|

Soon after we arrived at La Biochere we visited a brocante near Fresnay sur Sarthe and made friends with the [...]

DIY gives way to gardening

2016-05-15T09:29:27+01:00mai 15th, 2016|

By mid-April, we had completed the last of the bedrooms and the upstairs toilet (barring the floor and cupboard doors), [...]

Red Letter Days

2016-05-11T18:28:27+01:00mai 11th, 2016|

Fixing the land line After weeks and months of researching, disappointments and frustrations we are finally connected with a landline [...]

La Biochère

2016-05-10T22:48:29+01:00mai 10th, 2016|

Does the name, La Biochère have a meaning, we wondered?  The grandson of a previous owner thought not and there [...]

Colin herds the cows

2016-04-23T18:22:39+01:00avril 23rd, 2016|

As spring has progressed we have been awaiting the return of cows to the fields around us. We are pretty [...]

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