After a couple of less than easy weeks with students staying with us for the Toussaint sejours, we are now on our own again.  Instead of getting straight back into the DIY regime, we decided to take a few days off, taking time to relax, sleep and enjoy our home.

The weather is changing and we’re definitely well into autumn now.  So, when we had some sunny weather on Thursday, we took advantage and went for our first walk into the ‘Foret Dominial de Sillé le Guillaume’ – it was truly beautiful…


img_0924  img_0927


img_0943  img_0938



In contrast, it rained for most of yesterday, but then today, it dawned bright and clear.  Another opportunity to see more of the local countryside.  This time, we went for a drive eastwards, past Fresnay-sur-Sarthe and onto Belleme.  On the way we stopped for a coffee at Mamers – we stayed near here on our second holiday to France, around 3 years ago – little did we know then we would be living not hour away!!  How strange life can be….


Next stop, Belleme.  We remembered it to be a beautiful town and we weren’t disappointed on our return visit…


rimg0704-copy  rimg0708



After a lovely stroll around the town, we headed north, through Mortagne au Perche and then west onto Sées.  We’ve never been here before but often, when we drive on the A28, to and from England, we’ve noticed twin church towers in the distance, from the gothic cathedral of Sées.  This time we took a peek into the town and what a pleasant surprise!

rimg0714  rimg0716

The town was very attractive, with lots of old, interesting buildings…

rimg0723 rimg0717

The autumn colours added to the beauty of the place…

rimg0720 rimg0721 rimg0722

The inside of the cathedral was no less stunning.  As we went through an open doorway, the sun shining through a stained glass window cast a red glow over the entrance way…



The reflection of the sun could be seen clearly against the wall to the left of the doorway.

What an impressive building…

rimg0729   rimg0728

It’s been a lovely day out and we’re sure we shall return to Sées, and perhaps Belleme for a future visit. ♥