As usual, we’ve had mixed weather for the month of December.  Some beautifully clear, sunny days, a few rainy days, high winds once or twice and lots of fog!  Surprisingly, we have had very few very cold days, which is why today, we went for a little stroll up the track into the fields to look at the frosted surroundings…..


In a field across the way, Edward noticed one of our local farmers, he was feeding his cows….


Seasonal festivities

Christmas Day and Boxing Day were both pretty dull, damp and miserable, so no festive walk for us.  Instead, we had a cosy Christmas lunch and enjoyed relaxing in front of the fire surrounded by our Christmas lights and candles!


Student Activities

The week before Christmas, we had two French students staying with us.  It was fun to have visitors at this time of year, although the weather did impact on what we were able to do.  For most of this week, it was foggy although we kept an eye on the weather report in case we were able to go outside….

Sadly, it wasn’t to be, so most afternoon activities centred around things we could do inside – swimming, bowling, ice-skating.  At home in the evenings, if we weren’t playing board games or watching a film, we did baking or made peppermint creams….

And one afternoon, I introduced the students to printmaking!  The idea was to create an image that would be suitable for a Christmas card – we were impressed with these, their first ever attempts at printmaking…

The forecast?

So, perhaps tomorrow will be another sunny day and we may get out for a longer walk, who knows?!  I guess the view in the morning from the bathroom window will give as good an indication as any as to whether it will be a nice day or not – this photo of the sunrise from a few days ago was just enchanting…. ♥