This we have been planning for some time, we even bought huge packs of professional seed mixes in the UK before we left for France over 3 years ago…. It’s only now that we have reached a point where we are ready to prepare the seed beds.

When we lived in the UK, we created a flower meadow against our fence – it was a riot of colour and attracted so many insects and so we want to do the same here…

It’s a great idea but the scales are somewhat different out here!!! We’ve planned several areas – large swathes either side of the rail fencing bordering the meadow, large circles under the apple trees that were recently cut back and another circle, which should be a centre-piece beyond the orchard and in line with the steps coming down from the lime tree. I started work in March….

Starting the flower meadow

As it was such a huge job (as is usual here!), Edward helped to clear the borders on the other side of the fence then made the circles round the trees and in the lawn…

It was back-breaking work and as the days passed, we realised we were running out of time to get the seeds sown. Edward came up with a cunning plan – we’d take the turfs up to the barn were we had the cement mixer, bung them in and let them break up to a fine tilth, unload into a barrow, sift out the grass and weeds then spread the prepared soil back onto the beds.

It was still a lot of work but the result was perfect!

Although it doesn’t look much different at the moment, the flower seeds have been sown, aptly named ‘Jour de Fete’, and now we just need to hope for rain and watch them grow…… ūüôā