As usual, we have been racing against time to get new projects underway, both inside and out. Spring this year seemed to come early – we were eating dinner on the terrace back in February – so, while projects in the house needed progressing, we decided to take a lead from the weather and work in the garden whenever possible.

However, as we are still creating our garden, we usually hit a point where one job can only be started when another is done beforehand – chicken and egg…. So, before the vegetable garden could be prepared, the plants I’d healed in over winter needed to be moved, but before they could be moved, I had to prepare new beds or make existing beds bigger, etc, etc…….

Early January, while Edward was busy with DIY inside, I attempted to cut mistletoe out of the apple trees…. they’re so big close up and after a day with an electric chainsaw, wobbly-legged and drained of adrenaline, I called it a day after one tree.

Still three more trees to go but perhaps a job for someone more able!

Early February and time to expand an existing bed for new plants that had been healed in over winter in the vegetable garden..

We’ve bought another tunnel (still to go up) but needed to move the raspberries and currents before we were able to erect it. Before moving the raspberries into the new veg patch, this had to be turned over and cleared of weeds – Edward borrowed a heavy duty rotovator to do the deed….

More plants to move and another bed to expand and a new one created…..

Gladioli bulbs have been relocated in a new bed by the vegetable garden, dedicated to cut flowers…

End of February, I strimmed the meadow, burnt heaps of the remains in strategic spots around the meadow, then planted 5 fruit trees we’d bought in the winter….

While I was at it, having bought an apricot tree in a local supermarket, I sorted out a place to plant it around the back of the well – previously a dumping ground for stones dug out of various beds and now to be a seating area in the summer…..

Raspberries were then moved into the newly rotovated bed….

The last of the plants to be moved were a load of cotoneasters, which were growing freely under the rowan tree and now to make a hedge around a small seating area on the top lawn…

Early March and we brought in help to cut out the mistletoe in the remaining apple trees. It ended up being quite the slaughter but the mistletoe had taken such a strong hold, it had to be done….

Worryingly, not an item of personal safety equipment in sight throughout the works – I was there to discuss which branches to take off and was relieved when the job was done without loss of life or limb…..

The clean-up job was left to us to keep the cost down but due to being away and bad weather it was some weeks before it could be done… I was really quite daunted by it but one Sunday, having been out for the day, I came home to find that Edward had cleared the lot! A huge stack of logs are in the woodland to season for the next couple of years, while the rest was burnt on a huge bonfire, which will form the basis of a new circular island bed, in line with the steps coming down from the lime tree, ready for our next project……. ūüôā