We’ve been lucky to have a number of friends and family come and visit us over the year and we’ve really enjoyed having them and showing them around the area and places of interest….


Mum and Dad were the first to come and stay with us in the spring. It was just a few days this time but we managed visits to Bagnoles de l’Orne (unfortunately, no good photos to share!), Lassay les Chateaux and walks up the lane and around the fields…

Lassay les Chateaux
Mum and Dad at Lassay
We found a track through the oil seed rape…


Early May saw the return visit of a couple of French students (twins, Claire and Theo), who’d stayed with us the previous year for their sejour to improve their English 🙂 We had a wonderful week with them, and after morning lessons, spent time woodworking, printmaking, taking local walks, feeding the cows, ice-skating, baking, visiting the zoo, cooking marshmallows over an open fire, playing games and paddling at the local beach and lake, finishing up with a BBQ and treasure hunt – phew! …

Late May

Kitt and Steve, my sister and brother-in-law, came to stay – it had been two years since their last visit, so plenty of changes around La Biochere and new places to show them 🙂 While Steve spent the first day at the Moto GP in Le Mans, Edward, Kitt and visited the pretty village of Saint-Céneri-le-Gérei, then on to the Chateau at Carrouges for a picnic….

The bridge at Saint-Céneri-le-Gérei
Picnic in the orchard at the Chateau du Carrouges
Having a giggle in the grounds!

We also went to the nearby Coco Plage for lunch, and of course, a ride on the scenic train!

Lunch at the lake

We enjoyed some good weather during their stay, so we had time to relax in the garden, have a shopping trip to Mayenne and a wander around the lake at Lassay les Chateaux.

It was over too soon but fun to have them to stay and to have some sunny days out!


Mid-June and we were excited to welcome Julia and Roger to our home. We first met during our college days, back in 1986 and while we had kept in touch in the following years, we’d only managed to meet up a couple of times, the last time being at their wedding over 20 years ago! We had a delightful few days with them and had time to rekindle the friendship, realising we still had plenty in common – it was almost like picking up where we left off…..

Julia and Edward at the Roman fort, Jublains
A stroll around the castle walls at St Suzanne

The Castle gardens at Fresnay sur Sarthe
The fabulous summer installation at Fresnay

It was a wonderful few days and we’re already looking forward to our next ‘catch-up’ in 2019!


Late summer and our next visitors were the Pay family – our friends from Yorkshire – and their first stay at La Biochere 🙂 We enjoyed walks, picnics, exploring Roman remains and spending time at the beach – fun for all the family!

Walking around St Ceneri le Gerei
Lakeside lunch at Coco Plage
Fun at the beach!


Our last visitors of the year were Mum and Dad, who came back with us after our trip to the UK at the beginning of the month. Despite the time of year and poor weather, we managed a few trips out, including a visit to the gallery where I was exhibiting my prints. Most of all, it was a relaxing break for us all – time to wind down and enjoy the festive season 🙂

St Suzanne
My work exhibited at St Suzanne
Christmas sparkle

Here’s to another year ahead of visits from family and friends – looking forward to it already! x