This morning we awoke to a white, foggy world…. As the fog gradually lifted, we could see there was a hoar frost, transforming the garden into a something completely enchanting….

I couldn’t wait to get out there, so there I was, in my PJs in minus 8 degrees, taking shots of the magical surroundings 🙂

Even the hairs from the cows’ tails caught on the barbed wire looked beautiful!

The sun was just trying to break through the mist, across the valley…

And all around, the trees and the shrubs in the garden were waiting to be captured on camera….

These cobwebs were particularly beautiful…


And it looked like this little window in the small barn had it’s own Christmas garland!

I was excited to get a look at the results of my cold photo session and as I uploaded them onto my laptop, I had a surprise in store….  A couple of weeks ago we had a wonderful view of a full moon – I set my camera up on a tripod and took a few shots with the long lens.  I was disappointed with the results (I’m not technically minded when it comes to using my equipment!), as I just seemed to have captured a white circle in a black sky.  At the time, I didn’t upload the photos and forgot about them until this morning, when they were uploaded with those I’d taken in the frost…. I’m really quite happy with this one, which, somehow has managed to catch the amazing detail on the surface of the moon!♥