It’s been fun to look through the photos I’ve taken over the year, some from visiting friends and family, some from projects we have been realising around the house and garden, days out, photos of the garden and so much more! I’ve selected a few photos taken in each month of the garden or surrounding area….


It was extremely wet in January, so little time spent in the garden. However, the catkins all around were resplendent this year, remarkably so….

Catkins in the hedgerow
A stroll with Mouse, looking back to La Biochere


February saw heavy snow transforming the garden and surrounding countryside into a winter wonderland…

Signs of spring
Across the meadow to the cherry tree
A snow-capped garden ornament
La Biochere from the ancient woodland walk


Work finally begins in the garden and the first flowers are in full swing

The first cut of the year
Daffodils in full bloom under the lime tree


Suddenly, the garden and verges are brimming

The acid yellow of the Euporbias give a welcome splash of colour in the woodland area
Dappled light through the new leaves of the lime tree
Frothy clouds of stitch wort amongst cross wort and buttercups in the verges


In May the garden really starts to come alive with a riot of colour in all the borders

Anthemis is at its best at this time of year
Irises and foxgloves in the woodland area
Phlomis and geraniums in the big bank
Poppies near the gate
Woodland walk to the orchard
The border by the big barn
Time out in the nearby fields


The hay meadow has its first cut and the day lilies come into their own this month

Stipa gigantea in the evening sunshine


The spring flowers give way to the summer blooms; the wasp spiders return to the meadow and the vegetable garden is beginning to shape up after a shaky start in the spring

The big bank in summer
A wasp spider with the distinctive zig-zag in her web
The terrace is filling up with salad, courgettes and potimarron over the arch
The newest bed with French beans, onions, chillies and quinoa


After a long, wet spring, the summer was hot and dry and impossible for gardening. But the new beds in the courtyard still made a beautiful display, with Verbena bonariensis left to grow where it pleased

Already full after just 8 months in the making!
Lilies, Echinacea, catmint and Penstemon,with Verbena on stage right


Despite the continuing drought, the asters gave a last hurrah for summer

Masses of tiny star-like flowers on these asters
Pink asters flanking the gate with mauve asters in the bed beyond
White asters and pink anemones in the kitchen garden


The asters continue with their beautiful display, while the light subtly changes and the fly agarics suddenly appear in the verges


When the rest of the garden is looking tired and spent, the Chrysanthemums give a burst of welcome colour in the borders and here, in the vegetable garden, where they are planted specifically for picking

A bronze, clump-forming chrysanthemum
An old standard variety ‘Agnes Ann’


The long hot summer and gentle autumn gives way to low sun and long shadows, mists and frosts

Long shadows across the valley
Illuminated seed heads in the meadow
Frosted Pittosporum
Frosted leaves on the Senecio
Waiting for the winter afternoon sun