The hoar frost is still with us, although it’s warmed up a little – only minus 4 degrees today, positively balmy!!

After all the lounging around and enjoying our relaxing Christmas break, it was time to venture out to explore the transformed countryside 🙂

We spent several moments photographing the trees and shrubs in the  leading to La Biochère…


The frost was so thick, it was like snow!

Further down the road, at the junction, Edward noticed the amazing pattern on this chain-link fence….

The forest of Sillé le Guillaume was mesmerising – we had so many stops to take photographs!


We drove onto the lake, where we have spent many happy hours in the summer, but sadly it was shrouded in fog.  Instead, we made our way back home, stopping at this smaller lake instead….

 In the middle, a covert of coots were keeping a small circle of the lake free of ice…

Nearly home and we did a little detour around a small road that winds around the other side of ‘our’ hill.  These long-horned cattle made a pretty picture!

Back at the ranch, Colin and Mouse were really pleased to see us – couldn’t wait to get inside!♥