It’s hard to believe that 2 months have passed since I started writing this post!  The drive to complete works around the garden before we take in more students for the summer, and some visits from friends and family in between, has meant blogging has been put on hold for a while…  Still, now we have plenty of things to blog about!!

Back in April, in between all the creativity around the garden, we met up with our friends and neighbours, Claude and Monique and Yves and Aline.  We had a lovely afternoon playing boules on Yves under cover terrain– such fun and with the reward of chocolate cake afterwards!

A few days later, Yves and Aline took us out for a visit to a local beauty spot.  Apparently, St Leonard des Bois was where Yves was born and where they were married – they wanted to show us around….  First of all, we had a little stroll around the village – the river was very picturesque….

They then took us for a walk up onto one of the ridges that flank either side of the village.  The views were lovely and the walk very pleasant…

Yves suggested we stopped for a photo-call….

The bluebells were a picture and the view at the top of the ridge was stunning….

As the ridge curved around the valley, further views opened up across the countryside and down onto the village itself..

Just before we made our way down to the village, enclosures at the top housed a herd of deer – one of them was very friendly and was happy to be fed some greenery!

Back in the village, we had a well-earned drink in a local bar – it didn’t look like it had been touched since the war, just charming 🙂

The afternoon didn’t end there.  Keen to show us more of the local beauty spots, Yves and Aline took us to St Ceneri le Gerei.  We have been here before but it was so nice be taken around by our friends…  This wisteria was just beautiful and the smell delicious!

The stroll to the chapelle was lovely too…

To finish off the afternoon, we were taken to the viaduct, which is about ten minutes away from home – I’m sure Yves would have liked to have taken us up to the top, but we decided to leave that for another day! What a lovely afternoon and how nice to have been taken out by our friends – feeling like we have definitely landed on our feet to have been befriended by by such lovely locals. ♥