It’s funny how your priorities change, depending on where you are in life.  When we first started out, as new home owners, we had very little to make any improvements to the house or to treat ourselves to anything.  We relied on the generosity of others (donations of furniture here and there) and charity shop/ auction finds to make our home more comfortable.  As we progressed in our careers, we found we gradually had more ‘disposable income’, so nipping out to the shops to buy things we didn’t really need (!) became the norm.

Now, we have changed direction again.  It’s certainly not full circle but buying things we don’t really need seems far less important and our pleasures seem to have become much more simple.

So, yesterday, we were preparing for our last students of the year, who are due to arrive this afternoon.  Edward was busy cleaning, while I was having fun in the kitchen!

Mince pies, jam tarts and orange shortcake had already been made, when a farm vehicle turned up in the yard.  It was our friendly farmer, M Filoche (we take his unwanted rocks from the field up the hill).  What a lovely surprise – we hadn’t seen him since the summer when he and his wife took us for a tour around his dairy parlour to watch the milking robot in action.  We invited him in for a coffee and to taste some of the Christmas fare I had been baking…

We had a bit of a chat and he said he’d come to see us because he was clearing out the manure from his cow sheds and wondered if we still wanted some!  Yippee!!

So after a little while, he and Edward went outside to see where a load could be delivered.  About half an hour later, he returned and we now have a big pile of manure down by the nursery area – I’m ridiculously happy about it and can’t wait to start getting it spread in and around the borders!  And he said he could bring more if we wanted it…. How about that for an early Christmas present??  Simple things!

Meanwhile, back in the kitchen, baking continued.  Christmas muffins and a cottage pie finished off yesterday afternoon’s efforts, while this morning, I’ve made a chocolate log (actually, it was so big I’ve made two individual logs out of it!) and some tiffin – should keep us going for a while…. ♥