When we moved into La Biochère, we had plenty of ideas for décor and for making rooms more comfortable.  Priorities changed as we lived here and worked around the different rooms of the house, depending on need and urgency.  Around a year ago, I was still decorating the living room, while Edward was building the kitchen….

It’s funny how, as your priorities change, things that have been left to deal with later soon get forgotten or become part of the scenery and are not noticed….

For instance, in the living room, there is an alcove – we think it may have been a doorway in a previous life, probably a back door before the extension was built.  Note the attractive light fitting!

We’d decided we’d make a cupboard in here, with shelves for books too, but as other areas of the house became more critical (e.g. bedrooms for us and our first guests!), this remained on our list of things to do…

In the meantime, we stacked all the board games and cards on a trolley, which just fitted the hole, and lived with it….

Until we noticed it again and thought we’d better do something about it!  So, a month or so ago, Edward started making the cupboard and shelving brackets….

A trip to England at the end of November stopped play, but soon he was back to making the shelves and cupboard doors….

Next up was for me to get painting and voila we have a new games cupboard and library!

We liked it so much, Edward knocked up another set of shelves, which have been set on the other side of the sofa, and so now we have two!

We think the ‘new’ sofa improves the look of the room too – this was an impulse buy from a charity shop we visited on our last trip to England!  Luckily we’d hired a van!!! ♥