Days and weeks have passed since our last blog…. We had really set ourselves a task to finish the upstairs before our friends from England came to visit, followed immediately by our first group of French students. We were exhausted but ploughed on with the bathroom, laying new carpet on the landing and replacing the old banisters outside the guest room. We think the effort has paid off and so this blog is really a montage of ‘before and after’ photos to really show how we have been transforming the place….

The Bathroom

The bathroom before any work had started – complete with peeling wallpaper, pink carpet and wall spot lights…..


The completed bathroom – work done includes a newly panelled ceiling with integrated spot lights, a new glass sink, a new wooden floor, stripped and painted walls, a new wooden panel behind the sink (hiding electrics for the wall cupboard and lighting), and new glazed door and a brand new window – all making it a lovely, light and airy bathroom 🙂




The Landing

The landing, as it was when we first arrived at La Biochère and then after the removals company brought our belongings over from England!  It made for a dark corridor.  The wallpaper was gouged and peeling and the dark plywood doors, all treated with a brown wood treatment, added to the effect.  Carpet tiles covered the floor, not a problem in themselves but they were badly stained with spills and other unknown mishaps, along with globs of chewing gum ground into the pile in places (probably from the days when the house was rented out as a gîte).  We couldn’t wait to sort out this area!

049   099

After painting the walls, skirting, new doors and velux window frames, it was time to lay the new carpet…. The large dining room served as a great place to cut the carpet to size!  At 4m wide we managed to cut it in half to make a join halfway along the landing, which eventually would be covered with a rug….


What  a difference the new carpet made to the finished landing and stairs and now we know it’s clean!

DSCF8893  DSCF8897

It was a late finish, laying the carpet, so the final photos are a little dark but the overall effect is amazing, we’re both really happy with it!

DSCF8923  DSCF8919

Eventually, we think we might paint all the beams up here, just on the landing.  We feel that they don’t really add to the overall effect and a further lightening of the landing won’t go amiss.  Also, the dark wood French furniture we purchased from EMMAÜS will be painted white or cream and this will look better while still offering some useful storage……  For the time being, we’re just pleased to have it in a cleaner and lighter state!

The Balcony

Outside the end bedroom door, there is a small balcony, with steps leading down to the top garden terrace.  Edward has recently built a storage shed underneath the steps but the balcony railings were rotten and in desperate need to be repaired.

022    024

The week before our friends arrived, Edward removed the old posts and rails and began work on replacing them all…..


DSCF8876   DSCF8878


Not bad for a couple of days’ work!  We ran out of time to paint them, but when we have a few spare moments, the posts and rails will be painted white, as will the door shutter, which will match the new door to be installed in the next few days and we have some concrete paint to finish off the stairs and balcony……

We’d done as much as we could in the time we had left but were really happy with the progress we’d made.  The house was looking much more presentable for our friends and also for the French school children arriving the week after, now time for a fun, relaxing week with Anne and Steve!  ♥