Last month it was time for Mouse and Colin to have their annual booster jabs.  Nothing out of the ordinary, you might think, but then, we are talking about Colin!

Mouse had hers done without incident.  Colin was booked in for another day, only the evening before the appointment, we came home to find him on the terrace holding up his left paw.  When it came to walking, he hobbled along on three legs 🙁

Inside, we were unable to find anything obviously wrong but it was clear he was in some pain and discomfort.  So, we duly took him along to the vet the next day to see what she could do…..

He doesn’t travel well in the car.  He wears a harness and a lead, so while Edward drives, I hold Colin on my lap and he happily watches the world go by out of the window!  At the vet’s, we dispensed with the carry case (which he tries to shred from the inside out), and I popped him down in front of the reception desk…. next minute, he’s flying through the air as he tries to get up on the desk but is yanked back by the lead I’m holding!!  Thankfully, the vet arrives on the scene and ushers us into the consulting room….

Immediately she sees that he has a problem and explains that he won’t be having his vaccination today as he is unwell and she needs to check out his paw and leg first.  He’s as good as gold.  She and her assistant ex-ray the paw and leg, all the while he sits there allowing them to position him properly, purring throughout the procedure – little trooper!

Back in the consulting room we have another chat – seems nothing is obviously broken although his paw is quite badly swollen by now.  So, he is prescribed anti-inflammatories for 5 days, along with a painkiller.  Above all, she says, “as for any athlete, he needs to have complete rest….”.  Mmmm!

So, for 3 and a half days, we kept him in.  It seemed to do some good and by the following week, when he was due to have his vaccination, all seemed to be going well and no further examination or treatment was necessary.

This morning, after being out for the night, he has arrived back home, limping badly…  Reluctant to go back to the vet, we have decided to keep him in again for a few days and have administered some painkiller.  He doesn’t much like being kept inside, even though he is clearly suffering with his badly paw.  So, we’ve ransacked the pets’ medicine cupboard and found we have the best part of a bottle of ‘Serene-Ums’ left, from when we first came over to France.  What a great find they turned out to be – natural extract of milk, they give cats a general feeling of well-being and contentment…. It made a huge difference to Mouse at the time.  So, Colin has had a dose today and it seems to be doing the trick….  He’s not too worried about going outside anymore and is currently snoring his head off!!

Of course, a few treats help the medicine go down….

In the meantime, we’re not sure what has happened to have caused him to hurt his paw again, but wondered if he has damaged it jumping out of the small barn….  He and Mouse both use the first floor of the barn as their ‘den’.  There are a number of ways in and out but the side first floor doorway seems to be preferred, problem is it’s quite a jump, especially with a badly paw….  Edward has remedied this by putting up a ‘ramp’ (one of the rotten beams that have been abandoned in the barn….

Job’s a good’un!  Hopefully, that will help 🙂 ♥