Weather Report

Well, the prolonged cold snap has given way to warmer, wet and very windy weather!  I think we have been on the edge of a violent storm that has been particularly vicious on the west coast.  Thankfully, we haven’t had any damage to speak of but we’ve had a lot of rain in the last few days and the yard is now a muddy mess 🙁

After the rain the sun

Today the sun came out for a while and so we decided to take a little stroll up the track and over the fields just up from the house.  Colin came with us!

View from the hill top

We’ve always stopped at the top of the hill before, either to look at the view or to have the odd picnic.  This time, we went a little further to explore the copses on the other side of the hill and walk around the edge of the fields.

Colin at the edge of the copse

In the first copse, we came across a large badger set….

Edward by the badger set

Colin was most interested!!


…just going to have a little look….

Thought we’d lost him for a minute!!

We continued around the field margins, stopping to look at the views, climb trees (Colin, that is!) and look at animal tracks.

The light was rather nice, especially as the shadows fell across the undulating landscape….

Colin was pretty tired at the end of it!

As we walked back up the lane, the woodsman arrived with another load of fire wood – time for a coffee and a biscuit!

Home-made Jammy Dodger

Preparations for our Next Students

So, over the last couple of days, we have tidied up, cleaned, polished, dusted, made up spare bedrooms and done some baking, lots of baking, ready for the three students arriving this afternoon…..

Orange layer cake, chocolate brownies, flapjacks, shortbread, Swiss roll and Jammy Dodgers…..

Cornish pasties, cottage pie, apple and blackberry tart and mini jam pasties

Only I got my dates muddled up, they’re coming next Sunday!!!  Thankfully, most of this will go in the freezer and Edward is happy that we can eat the rest 🙂

Studio Update

After a long break away due to a prolonged spell of sub-zero temperatures, Christmas and colds, Edward has cracked on again to make more headway in the studio.  All the plaster boards are up (baring a little bit to do under the windows), electricity cables are in place for plug sockets and quite a few of the spot lights are up….

It’s looking great and it’s very exciting to see it coming along so well.  We often take stock to see if we need to change anything or continue to our original plans.  Lately we have been wondering about the finish on the walls.  Plastering has never been our strong suit, although, we’re prepared to have a go.  Another option was to just tape the joints and skim these to a smooth finish.  Both options are time consuming, and take some skill.  We even thought of panelling half way up the walls so there would be less to skim, but we’ve now decided to panel the ceiling and the walls, completely, with tongue and groove.  It’s going to be really cosy in here because, effectively, this will double insulate the room!  In addition, we were going to install a wood burner (against the pink fireboard) but have since decided against it.  For insurance purposes, we need to be sure it’s been done properly and this is likely to cost a fair amount to have this done by an expert.  Instead, we’ll install electric wall heaters, which, while not as aesthetically pleasing, will be more practical and will produce less dust in the studio.  So, now we have an unexpected week free of students, we may well start the panelling soon!  ♥