Like yesterday, we’ve woken up to another frost and minus 8 degrees – the hoar from yesterday has thickened and the trees and shrubs look like they are covered in snow – it’s so beautiful….

Festive Fun

Last night our friends, the Ronsins, came over for a ‘games night’ at La Biochère.  It was to be our first real party here, since we first arrived and we had so much fun preparing for their visit and during the evening they spent with us 🙂  It looked like they had come prepared to enjoy the evening too, as they were all wearing Santa hats when they arrived in their car!

So, first we started with a nice cup of tea, mince pies and shortbread – Stéphane in particular likes our English tea!  It was cosy sitting in the living room with the fire roaring and the Christmas decorations lit up and candles glowing, while we caught up with what we had all been doing over the Christmas break…. Oh, and Edward and I opened up some lovely presents they had bought us – a mug sporting a GT40 from the motor museum at Le Mans for Edward and a delicious selection of organic jams and preserves for me, along with a trio of beautiful tins of specialist tea for me – how spoilt were we?!

Then it was time for the Treasure Hunt!  Clues had been hidden all around the house, to lead them to their treasure, but first they had to put on their pirate hats…..

Valentine and Victorine took the lead but it was clear they were all good at English and found the clues really quickly!  Even the word search (the names of Santa’s reindeer) didn’t keep them busy for long….

After finding the map with the final clue, Nathalie took the lead in singing the obligatory “15 men on a dead man’s chest, Yo, ho, ho and a bottle of rum” before they ‘plundered’ the chest holding wine, English chocolate and English tea – we hope they enjoy them!

Edward took them back into the living room to teach them how to play a simple but fun card game (‘Stop the Bus’), while I prepared the buffet table…..

It’s been such a pleasure to prepare for the evening – I’m always happy to be cooking and baking in the kitchen and now that we have a new lifestyle, here in France, there seems to be more time to enjoy such pleasures and I have more energy to do it!

Table set and time to eat….

But one more photo call before we start….

We feel privileged to have made friends with such a lovely family.  We wish them and all our friends and family around the world all the very best for health and happiness in 2017! ♥