Looks can be deceiving.  Despite some lovely sunshine this morning, it was minus eight degrees again.  There was no frost to speak of but the ground is rock hard and there is a biting wind from the north-east.

Feeling the need for some ‘fresh air’, I took my camera down to the stream outlet, which I photographed a few days ago.  What a transformation!  The ice sculptures have become huge!

This one looked like bum cheeks to me!!!

It was too cold to hang around for long but on the way back I took these photos of the cherry tree that stands just on the other side of the garden – it looked quite beautiful against the blue sky.

Art over DIY

While it’s been so cold, the DIY effort has more or less come to a halt.  Unfortunately, Edward has come down with his second cold in as many months, but even if he was fighting fit, it’s too darned cold to be working outside, even in the barn.

I have recently discovered a couple of face book groups, one dedicated to linocut printmakers and the other for crafters based in France.  Both are inspiring but I have found myself drawn to the linocut group on a daily basis – it’s become a bit of an addiction, if I’m honest (!) but, it has inspired me to get on with some artwork myself…

I’ve had in mind to print my own Christmas cards for this year, so made a start with the drawings…

Today, after tracing them yesterday, I transferred them onto the lino…


I’m quite excited to be getting on with them.  I’m intending to keep them as simple black and white prints, so should be fairly easy to print them off at the kitchen table! ♥