Yesterday, Edward called me away from the decorating to look in the barn….  The first of the swallows had fledged!

DSCF8820 DSCF8822It looked like the siblings of this little fella wouldn’t be far behind…


By the afternoon, they’d all gone but now we have even more showing off their airborne acrobatic skills in and around the yard 🙂

Other garden features

The hard work in the garden over the last weeks and months is showing results as bulbs that were planted in early spring are now in flower…


These Sparaxis tricolour are a new one for me but are making a lovely show before the gladioli and sweet peas come into flower.

In the island bed in the middle of the yard I’ve planted lots of bulbs but now it’s the turn of the herbaceous plants and annuals to do their thing.  This day lily, which I brought with me from our garden in England, has been stunning….


The lime tree, as we have posted before, is a magnificent specimen.  I just love to look out onto it from any of the windows from the house that happen to face it.  Now its leaves are a lovely dark green, which really sets off the numerous creamy-yellow flowers that currently festoon the tree…



It has a beautiful, yet subtle scent, to which the bees and other insects seem irresistibly drawn – on nearing the tree all you can hear is the hum of the insects as they visit the flowers!  Truly an amazing tree. ♥