I’m actually quite horrified to see that my last blog was back in March, some nine months ago! More than once in between, I thought I’d draft something but due to one distraction or another, time got away from me….

So, perhaps it is fitting that my last post was made a day or so after the Spring Equinox and today’s is written just after the shortest day 🙂

Mid-December and we woke up to our first hard frost of the winter – a beautiful cold, crisp, clear day, the temperature had dropped to minus 5 degrees C, but perfect for taking a few snaps around the garden.

From the garden and across the valley
Frosted Scenecio
La Biochere, from the lime tree

Much of the weather this month has been less than pretty…. After a short visit to the UK in early December, we returned to find Mayenne had experienced storms and torrential rain – some of which had found its way into the house…. Sadly, my bedroom and the twin room next door are next to the chimney breast, which, we have discovered, has not been flashed properly by and the so-called builders who replaced our roof 🙁 Hopefully our insurance will help out with that.

The day after the beautiful frost above, I noticed the bathroom window had turned from clear to opaque – the wind had changed direction and we were being blasted with freezing rain from the east, which was then landing on already frozen surfaces! An abortive trip to do the shopping (fish-tailing in the car brought us to our senses) kept us inside for the duration but it was amazing to see every surface outside become en-robed in a clear layer of ice – quite a phenomenon…..

Today, we are back to warm, wet, windy weather, so there is nothing to do but get tucked up in front of the fire, play a game (or two) and to wish all our friends and family a wonderful Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year! xxx