It seems to have taken an age but today we finally have our own internet!  It’s been a bit of a saga from when we first visited the Orange shop on Mayenne and were told an engineer would be out to connect us to phone and internet, to finding they couldn’t actually provide us with cable internet… We engaged with a French-speaking ‘fixer’ who found out that while grants were available to help those in the countryside with poor internet access to become connected with satellite equipment, we weren’t eligible because the cable facility is scheduled for improvement, although we don’t know when!  On further investigation, we found that we could hire the equipment from Orange’s subsidiary, Nordnet and buy monthly internet access, but the downside was the very limited offer of just a few gigabytes of download per month, unless we used it between midnight and 6am!!  So, we looked into buying second-hand equipment but seemed to attract expats who were wanting to make a quick Euro for advice or installation…Finally, while we were in McDonald’s for our regular blogging outing, Edward followed up an advert from a German provider of satellite internet equipment – bingo!  On Thursday last week, the equipment arrived and Edward spent the day setting it up.  As it will be relatively temporary (until the cable is improved), we decided the satellite dish could be set up in the garden.



And today we went ‘live’!  This will make life so much easier – no more driving for 45 minutes to the nearest McDonalds to do the blog; keeping in touch with friends and family via email/ facebook will be simpler (it was painfully slow using my smartphone!); if we need to look up something or do some research, we can just ‘google’ it 🙂

Seems such a simple thing but we now feel much more civilised and connected with the world. ♥