I have a shoe calendar which shows a different shoe for each day of the year. Today’s shoe is a good one



So I’ve chosen 16th November as the title for this blog entry but not much I write about happened today.

We went for a trip out recently and saw some interesting sights. In Sille le Guillaume I saw the terminators car. Well that’s what I thought his car would look like if he had one


terminators car

Further up the road I saw a house for sale board. Now really the name on the board reads Normand Immo. But I prefer to read it as Norman Dimmo. To me it sounds like a none too bright secret agent, “The name is Dimmo, Norman Dimmo, and my services are for sale…”


Back at the ranch I have made a rod for my own back feeding apples to the cows. I admit there are loads and its a shame to let them rot on the grass but here are just a couple of barrow loads.


Barrowbarrow 1




But the cows do love them and the calves benefit. As I put apples in one end milk comes out the other



in one end out the other

I haven’t seen 2555 for ages. She had a calf a while back and perhaps she’s been taken in to look after it. 2679 has taken over as the main protagonist. If I go for a walk in the field she is like my shadow. She couldn’t get closer to me if she was on a lead. She stands at the edge of the field and calls to me with a very loud moo. She thinks she has a right to my apples. In fact I think she is getting ideas above her station, she’s got a halo!


Halo Cow

But she is surely no saint even if she does have a halo, because she burps like the very devil when I feed her. Chewing the cud I guess. She’s lovely and I am flattered she follows me round like a pet, even though I know she only wants me for my apples. Typical, that’s what Julie was after too. I remember the old days when we were young



But its not all one long round of trips out and feeding cows. There’s work to be done and I have been taking advantage of the “eté indienne” (yes its the same in French as in English) to do a bit of work outdoors. The kitchen worktop needed holes for the sink and the hob cutting in to it. So I set up my workbenches and got to work with my measuring stick and a router


worktop worktop 1




worktop 2

Julie was constructing Stonhenge in the background. I will have to dust off the druid outfit and go for a dance next solstice.

That’s not as far fetched as it sounds. I went for a walk in some nearby fields and found this lovely gnarled tree. I took the photo below



But in certain lights I am almost sure I can see something I never saw when I was out walking.

tree faces

There’s more to heaven and earth than are dreamed of in our imaginings you know.

We do get some beautiful skies…



a bientot