We have been getting on around the house a fair bit. Julie has finished painting the dining room! Well, except for the inside of the outside door. But the wet weather has prevented her doing that bit so we’ll say it is finished for now. It looks lovely too. We have to reorganise the furniture but it is feeling more and more like a civilised home.

I have been making a bit of progress in the kitchen. The big orange sink has gone and Julie did some plastering on the wall where she took off the tiles. Then I fitted the oven housing to the wall, wired up the oven and fitted it.


Next I put some base cupboards along the wall and just placed a work top on them to see what it would look like. Its not the worktop we are going to use but it gave a picture. I also stood the base units in place so that we could decide exactly where it should stand. Its ok making a paper plan but until I see it for real I am never quite certain



We are quite pleased with it and also it was really nice to be able to use the oven for the first time, even if it was only for a pizza




Life outside goes on. The sunsets and sunrises continue to inspire us to photograph them. We’ll probably end up with hundreds of photos looking exactly the same. Nonetheless we think they are beautiful and the addition of a cute brown and white cow with its new(ish) born calf adds to the appeal.



It can be a bit eerie at times too though. Those cows can be a bit sinister




Spy Cow

While I am on the subjet of cows, I think we have a master spy as a neighbour. I was down the garden when I got a feeling I was being watched. When I looked there didn’t seem anything untoward until I noticed a brown cows bum just poking from behind the cherry tree


Next thing I know I caught him looking at me. He tried to look nonchlant but I’d seen him. His number was 007





Colin is still as daft as a post


Brico Purchases

We have bought quite a few things from Brico shops recently. Its been a bit smokey in the living room so we bought a brush for the chimney


All we need now is an urchin to send up there.

We also got some cement, sand and ballast to make a plinth on which to stand the garden urn. I got on with that today


We got a lot of other stuff but we will reveal that when we start to fit them


Meanwhile Julie has done a lot of work in the garden. At the end of the house where I cut down the cherry laurel we had thought we could put some steps to make it easier to get up to the raised area. Julie began clearing the weeds and cutting back overgrown plants there. She discovered there already were some stone steps. She’s worked hard and the results look great





Till next time….see you at McDonalds 🙂