Return to Emmaüs

We seem to be spending most of our days at the house, unpacking, organising, finding homes for things, etc., then coming back to the cottage in time for tea…

Today was no exception but first we needed to return to Emmaüs in Fougères, to collect the item we’d reserved on Wednesday.  It was a beautiful start to the day, bright sunshine and not a cloud in the sky, but it was chilly – 4 degrees at the cottage in St Siméon.

We arrived in good time and decided to have a look around before loading up our new purchase – it was still fascinating the second time around!



005  007


But this time we didn’t find anything else we needed…  so our new purchase??…


An organ??


Ta da:


A roller ironing press!!  Now we shall no longer have Carole, our friend in Yorkshire, who did our ironing for us, and as neither of us really fancy the chore (!), we thought this might help – an absolute bargain for €80!!

Icing on the cake

Before heading out this morning, we responded to yet another AngloInfo advertisement, this time for a ride-on mower….  We have been looking out for one for ages but each time we’d seen one advertised, it was already sold.  They seem to be quite sought after out here, probably because most houses come with quite a bit of land!  Anyway, today seemed to be our lucky day as we’d arranged to go and see this one on our way over to the house, after our trip to Emmaüs….

Graham gave us a warm welcome when we arrived and showed us the mower – used but in excellent condition and obviously well cared for – it was a sale!!


We were then invited in for a cup of tea with Linda, where we met Ollie and Jazz, their two special little dogs – Ollie took an instant liking to Edward!!  Linda and Graham were a lovely couple and offered for us to pop in whenever we are passing on our way to Évron, which will probably be our nearest large town for main shopping etc…..

Back on the road and we both agreed that this purchase was the icing on the cake.  On top of which, Graham has very kindly offered to bring it over to us early next week, which will save us lots of bother trying to borrow or hire a trailer….

Unexpected delights

Leaving Graham and Linda’s we were travelling on a road we’d not used before, although it will probably become more familiar to us when we are living in our new home.  The countryside is beautiful, rolling hills, open views and beech woodland.  At one point we took a wrong turn and ended up driving through the Forêt Domaniale de Sillé, which stretches for over 20 km to the other side of Sillé le Guillaume.  It looks a great place to explore, with lots of walks available and just on our doorstep (when we’re finally in!).

At St Martin de Connée, we stopped at the Boulangerie for les sandwiches, and marvelled at the view from the village square…



010 013

More sorting and organising…

By the time we’d had our lunch and admired the view from the kitchen, we were well into the afternoon.  Still, it didn’t stop us from continuing with the unpacking and sorting out homes for things.  Edward managed to put up the lights we’d bought from Emmaüs in his new workshop…


and put up the hooks for the large ladders….


although, they are not so large after all, even when extended, as they were certainly not big enough to reach the cherry tree branches that are knocking tiles off the roof of the large barn… looks like we shall need some help….

If we can, we’d like to save the grape vine and re-train it – the grapes are delicious!


By this afternoon it was 17 degrees and we were both in shorts!  We’ve noticed that most of the trees still have all their leaves and the autumn colours are only just beginning to show on a few select species.  We think we may well have shorter winters here – what a bonus that will be – we’re so happy to be in France!


We think the cats are too, but maybe that’s just because we feed them….♥