A day of rest

Sunday, we decided to take it easy and rest up at the cottage.  It was a lovely day, weather-wise, warm and sunny.  We did the usual catch-up on emails and other admin and read books.

I listened to another learning French CD, which I think is helping – I managed to make myself understood the other day when explaining a car was blocking my way!  I like to go out of earshot when I’m trying to learn the language – my accent is quite there yet!  The perfect spot, on a nice day is in the entrance to the lower field….


Colin likes to come down there with me, chasing (and eating!) grasshoppers, lying in the sunshine, then in the shade, and coming for a walk with me around the field, while I’m talking French to myself!  He’s good company!

008  014



One or two leaves are beginning to change colour, but we said today that you’d think it was still the height of summer as most trees still seem to be green and in full leaf.


A home for a ‘vide grenier’ bargain..

Yesterday we were back at the house – more sorting, etc. – we find it hard to stay away!  Edward put up the lovely old lamp we bought at the Aron vide grenier the other week – it’s really starting to feel like home!!

022  024



Making good use of what we find

On the way back to the cottage last night, we passed a set of shelves that someone had put out for rubbish in a nearby village – at the time I didn’t really think much about it.  But this morning they were still there and Edward said – ‘they’d do for my workshop!’  So he knocked on the door and asked the home-owner if he could buy them from him – apparently, the old gentleman said no but that he could have them!  In the end, Edward gave him 5 Euros and has found a home for another lucky find!


Delivery No. 1

Later in the morning, we took delivery of the large chest freezer and two single beds we had purchased from a couple a few weeks ago via AngloInfo.  The freezer is HUGE (!!) and we think will be perfect for all the produce we shall need to preserve and freeze next year;o)  The beds, of course, will be just right for when we have visitors – hopefully that won’t be too far away from happening…


A collection

In the afternoon, we’d made arrangements to see a stone-cast sink that was on offer on AngloInfo (it’s been amazing how much we have been able to find on this site)… After a round-about journey (sat-nav lost it’s signal!), we finally found the couple who were selling it… An absolute bargain for 25€, with the mixer tap too – never been used and will be ideal for the kitchen when we are ready to fit it, saving us over 70€ on the sink and tap we were going to buy…



Delivery No. 2

Late afternoon and Graham arrived in his van with the ride-on mower we bought from him at the weekend – we’re so excited about this and can’t wait to try it out…. In the meantime, it has a cosy home in Edward’s workshop…


Talking of which, Edward spent much of the day sorting out his tools, positioning the workbench he made yesterday and organising the shelves he bought this morning…


How neat is that?!!

In between visits and working, we managed to enjoy a cup of tea in the warm sunshine and take in the beautiful view from the terrace…



Not a cloud in the sky all day today…

On the way back to the cottage, we were treated to a fabulous sunset, certainly worth stopping for….

057 060

Plans for tomorrow

We’ll not go to the house tomorrow (must be costing a fortune in fuel!) but we shall instead go over to Rennes to IKEA, where we need to pick up a few bits and bobs…  Ahhh… but what’s in the bag, I hear you ask…. ?


Clearly unable to take all the excitement, Colin was asleep in there for about 45 minutes!!!