The second guest room was started just over a week ago. It’s smaller than all the others but seemed to take longer to sort out, or perhaps I was just a bit worn out from all the decorating!!

31  32Despite the top layer of paper coming off reasonably easily, it still took a day to steam the lining paper off the ceiling and walls and another to sugar soap and fill cracks and holes. Thankfully, the old mould stain came out with the sugar soap…


We’ve used magnolia on the walls and kept the ceiling and door reveal white to keep it light. The door in here leads out to the external stair case but we’ve been calling it, rather grandly, the balcony room! This door, along with all the other doors and windows, lets in drafts and water when it rains. We’re going to use it elsewhere when it comes off, so I decided to paint it white for now, just to make the room look as bright as possible…


When we were last in the UK, we popped into B&Q and I found some rolls of wallpaper in a bargain bin for £1 per roll – we think this is just right for in here….


This room only had lino on the floor, so we laid new carpet before attaching the skirting (this was never fixed in this room, for some reason!)…


The best bit was bringing everything back in and dressing the room – Edward says he likes each room we do the best!! Hopefully this will be comfortable for any guests that come and stay with us….

36  37


View from the ‘balcony’ ♥