Another day at the house

We think we may hear soon when we can move in, so we are going to the house more frequently to get things sorted as much as possible – there is still no end of unpacking to do…

On the way over yesterday, thick fog greeted us on the roads but as we reached higher ground, the sun started to shine through – it was quite beautiful…





By the time we reached the house, the sun was really starting to shine through…





The house stands between 4000 and 8000 (oops!) feet above sea level, but sadly, it wasn’t strong enough to burn through the fog and it and ended up being a very grey miserable day, but we kept ourselves entertained in other ways…

Latest acquisitions

While I was unpacking the last remaining boxes in the utility, the doorbell rang…


It was Edward, with his latest acquisition from the ‘Super U’ – when I answered the door, he said “Delivery for North”!! Fool:-)

Later on, while I was using the new sack barrow, the door bell rang again….


It was Edward, again, this time with the other purchase he’d made at the ‘Super U’ – on answering the door, he said, in his best ‘country yokel’s’ accent “d’you waan any gar’ning doin?”  What can I say?!!

Getting used to the neighbours

Each time we’re at the house, we marvel at how close we are to nature and the cows in the field; quite often one (or two, or more!) will be looking down at us from the field to see what we’re up to!


Two-triple five is a regular, often coming over at sight of Edward and the promise of more windfall pears….



She is certainly a character!!

Preparing for a visit to the UK

Today we’ve spent our time preparing for a brief trip to the UK – leaving early in the morning, taking the ferry from Caen to Portsmouth, so I can attend a Council meeting for the Royal Entomological Society in St Albans.

We have a ‘list’ of items we hope to buy while we are there, which we haven’t yet found here in France….  Mostly DIY bits and bobs…

So, the next few days on the blog will be quiet.  We were hoping for some news today on when we might be moving in but so far, nothing to tell – fingers crossed we might hear something by the end of the week…..

In the meantime, I’ll sign off with a photo of the beautiful chestnut tree that stands in the field at the back of the house (taken on 1 October, would you believe?) – the nuts aren’t quite ripe yet, but it won’t be long before we’re roasting some on the fire…♥