Getting used to the size of the house and buildings…

Each time we visit the house to sort things out we realise how big it really is!  Sometimes we have no idea where the other is, so our walkie-talkies are going to come in handy (when we actually find them again!).

Today we planned to go through some more boxes, assemble the garden furniture and tidy things up to make it easier when we come to decorate.  We started off well in the kitchen and were able to break down some more boxes when we found they had little in them or the contents could be easily dispersed.  The main problem we have is that if we put things away now, it’s going to make it harder to move furniture when we come to decorate rooms, so it’s probably best to leave most things in their boxes until they can be stored in their final home…

003So, the kitchen is a little tidier and looks huge in this picture!  We were also going to place the shelves into the cupboards set against the right-hand wall (just out of sight in the above photo).  But disaster struck when the extension to the first cupboard Edward opened fell off the top and crashed into pieces on the tiled floor!  I think we shall be going to IKEA for another one at some point, but until we can fix the cupboards properly into place, we decided to leave the shelving for now!

Instead we stopped for lunch – baguette, corned beef and gherkins!  We know how to live!!!


While we ate lunch, we were looking out the window onto the courtyard and the big barn and discussed how we needed to lop some branches off the cherry trees soon, to prevent them from damaging the roof any further….  As we were looking more closely, we realised our large extendable ladders aren’t going to be big enough for the job – in fact, we’ll be lucky if they come more than two thirds up the gable end of the barn!


See what I mean?!!

After lunch, Edward assembled the rest of the garden furniture we brought with us from England.  In our garden there, we had just enough room to use them at the back of the house, with some pieces fitting snugly on the balcony…

Here, we’re talking a different scale…

009 Even on the terrace there is plenty of room to spread out…


We sat for a while enjoying the sunshine and blustery weather, watching the ‘helicopters’ flying out of the lime tree opposite…


Then, it was back to it.  Trouble is, it’s easy to get distracted!  At this point I was going to start ‘spider patrol’ – self explanatory really; it involves searching out cobwebs in the house and a vacuum cleaner… However, this little corner had been irritating me, so I broke off to do something about it…



It was nice to see the wall and to clear away the moisture-holding leaves from the base.

Overcoming fear….

Spider patrol took a little while – it’s a big house!!  We’d cleaned it well before the removals company brought our furniture over, but until we’re living in it, it’s going to be difficult to keep spiders out completely.

There is just one room in the house the door for which we both have problems opening… the upstairs WC!!!  I don’t think this room has featured before on the blog – mainly because it’s hideous…


Yes, that is carpet on the walls, and ceiling…..

But the thing that really freaked us out was during our mammoth cleaning expo, when Edward was going to clean this room, he found the biggest spider on the wall either of us had ever seen….. (ugh!).  Today, I bravely opened that door again, armed with the vacuum cleaner – thankfully no spiders in sight and probably the first step of recovery!

Cloud appreciation society

Edward is a member of the Cloud Appreciation Society.  On the way home we saw some lovely cloud formations as it was windy with sunshine and showers.

This is one of my favourite views to and from the house….



As we neared Mayenne, it started to look stormier and Edward spotted some ‘good’ clouds to photograph…



At Mayenne, the storm broke, with lightning striking just before this photo was taken….


We were soon out the other side, though, and into the sunshine again.♥