Soon after we arrived at La Biochere we visited a brocante near Fresnay sur Sarthe and made friends with the owners Giles and Sylvie. We have been poor friends because we haven’t been to see them for ages. However Julie wanted a new set of drawers for her bedroom so we had an excuse to take a trip over.

It was a beautiful morning and on the way we stopped at our nearest village to buy bread and a croissant and pain au raisin for breakfast. We stopped in a field entrance to eat and enjoy the sunshine. A car passed us at one point otherwise it was tranquil. Except for three cuckoos who were trying to outdo each other with their calls. It is the first time I have ever heard three cuckoos calling at the same time.




We got to the brocante and said hello to Giles and Sylvie who were busy as usual. We asked about a set of drawers and Sylvie showed us what they had but nothing was suitable. We had a good look around and bought a jerry can to hold petrol for the garden machinery. Its metal and nice and big so it will last a while and I can take from it to mix for the 2 stroke engines we have too.

We also bought an enamel can in which to put used tea bags. We use the leaves to discourage slugs and snails in the garden. We also bought a garden tool. I’m not sure what it is called but its a bit like a small pick. It will be useful for weeding.

Lastly we had seen them before and really liked a pair of concrete boars as garden ornaments. We asked the price and were told. but when we asked seriously we were offered a 20% reduction. We bought them and think they look nice down by the path I have cut in the meadow


I think Mouse likes them too



It was really nice to learn from Giles and Sylvie too that they are new grand parents. Sylvie showed us a photo of their daughter’s new daughter. She was obviously absolutely thrilled to bits and it was really touching that she chose to share with us. Its been a good day