We seem to spend most of our time at Leroy Merlin searching for bargains these days. Yesterday we spotted an outdoor table marked down from 199 to 89 euro. We reserved it and went to fetch it today. The shop assistants are so helpful here. Caroline helped us to wrap the glass top in bubble wrap and card board. I disassembled the legs and it all fitted nicely into the back of the estate car.

However we had brought the trailer with us too because we were not sure the table would fit into the car. So we decided to travel back to Mayenne to the Hyper U shop and buy the oven and hob we liked. We spent a little while looking round the shop and at the mobile phones too. Julie dropped hers on the tiled floor today and smashed the screen.


When we had finished we bought the oven and hob and loaded them into the trailer to take to the new house. We are gradually getting things ready.

We had finished cleaning the house yesterday and that is a relief. I realise how big the new place is compared to our old house in England when I have to walk from one end of it to the other or have to go outside to take out rubbish or something. I think we need some home help. I do know of someone who might be able to help, however I have lost track of them. Their last known whereabouts was somewhere in Canada. If anyone knows where I could track them down I would be most grateful


Here’s another shot to help – seems something of a snappy dresser!


If found please bring him to France for a visit