Today we had intended to go to Laval to have a look around various shops and perhaps the town. So we said we would leave home for the 1 hour journey at about 9am. At 10.15 we set off. There should still have been plenty of time to get where we were going but as usual we hit rush hour traffic!

Rush hour traffic on the dual carriageway

Rush hour traffic on the dual carriageway

So we got as far as Mayenne and stopped to look in Super U Electromenager. We are looking for a new cooker. Julie was wanting a range cooker but I am quite keen on built in ovens and hobs. So we had a look around and we think we have agreed a built in one might be best. We like clean lines and may go for something like this











That’s the plan anyway. We continued our journey for a few hundred metres and found another shop. Gifi this time and spent an age looking around here and getting ideas for our new place. The new house has a large terrace around it and we have thought it would be ideal for setting up garden furniture and outside eating eventually. I love bright colours and they had some colourful glass crockery which I thought would be jolly to use al fresco. So we bought some.


This had been hungry work so we popped in to McDonalds for lunch and some free wifi.

And so it was on to the main event of the day. Our 2pm signing of the compromis de vente at the estate agent in Bais. We met two of the vendors there. There are 3 in all 2 sisters and a brother. But one sister lives down south in France so didn’t make it. They were lovely people and the man is a beekeeper. He has hundreds of hives! I have asked if I can visit him one day to have a tour. I think he is up for it.

After initialling innumerable pieces of paper and signing only marginally fewer we are now on a 10 day cooling off period during which we can back out if we wish. I can’t imagine we will!

After an hour it was time to brave the hustle and bustle of the traffic again to make our way home.


Julie and I both felt a sense of relief to be making progress on our adventure. It makes it all so much more rewarding when the family take an interest too. Jim and Colin couldn’t wait to hear the news