We’ve had some lovely weather over the last few days and we have enjoyed wandering around the village, which has been preparing for it’s festival on 15 August – we hope to go along for it this year.  Throughout the village, houses and streets are festooned with flower baskets, troughs and planters, while the verges are full to brimming with more flowering annuals and perennials….


More people than ever seemed to be out and about in the village, looking around the maize maze (where there are little sections of miniature gardens based on a different theme – this year it’s about photography) and the boating lake:



Today we spent quite a lot of time trawling the internet for new properties to view, then made a start on packing up for our second move in as many weeks, as we leave the gite tomorrow to move into the rented cottage in St Siméon.

By early evening we took a break and headed over the border to Gorron in search of something to eat.  We still haven’t got the hang of the French opening times (!) – most places were still closed but we came across an intriguing garage…..

 016   015

Inside was even more interesting with a table set out with some hand engineered steam engines.  The owner, M Pierre Collard, came to talk to us – what a lovely man!  He’d made all the contraptions himself from various bits and bobs, each one having moving parts powered by some sort of heat source – candles, light bulbs, oil…..

022   021

In this creation the fly wheel is turned by a piston movement (in a syringe) in the top of the cat food tin, powered by water heated by a miniature oil burner…. totally mesmerising – reminded me of Wilf Lunn!!


Edward had quite a conversation with M Collard about his work, his garage and what had brought us to France – before we knew it, he was taking us to see a house that was for sale behind the garage!  It was interesting but probably not for us……

Driving back home through the lovely countryside was just bliss – sun shining, roof down and acres of unspoilt countryside.


The view from the balloon we saw must have been amazing…..


So, packing, cleaning and moving tomorrow…..


…..don’t think we’re going to get this one closed!!!