Measuring up

Today we’d made arrangements to collect the key from the estate agent so that we could visit the house again – this time to take more accurate measurements.

It was a damp and overcast start to the day but we arrived early in Bais, so had a coffee in the café opposite the agency while we waited – there are worse things one could be doing!

As soon as the agent arrived, we collected the key and headed off to the house…. it was so lovely to be back – it’s already beginning to feel like home.  For the first half hour or so, we just wandered around the barns and grounds, talking about what we might change, what really needed to be done as a priority and what we might like to do if money was no object!

Soon after arriving, the low cloud burnt off quite quickly and the sun came out again…. while surveying the garden, we discovered more meadow within our boundary than we had realised, with lovely views over the valley below and the surrounding cow fields – Edward is already planning where to build a summer house!


View from the ‘top terrace’

003  004

Views from the ‘lower meadow’


An ideal spot for a summer house….

Back inside the house, we must have spent a good 4 hours measuring up the kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms – this time more accurately so we can plan where things need to go and what we shall still need (a full new kitchen for one thing!)….

In the afternoon, we stopped for a break and went for a short walk up the track that runs past our drive to the farmer’s fields behind the house – the view from the ridge was stunning…


We think this may be our nearest neighbour…..


It was interesting to see the house from a different perspective…


And isn’t he gorgeous?!


Around 3pm, very reluctantly, we shut up all the doors and windows again and headed back to the agent to return the key.  Lauren has been extremely helpful and has kept us informed with everything along the way.  We think we have done really well with this house because, apart from the roof, all the diagnostic reports have come back with no real issues – even Lauren has been surprised!  While we were with her, she rang the vendor and asked if they would agree to us bringing our furniture over from England to store in the property while the Notaire does the searches.  The reply was very positive but as there are 3 siblings, they each need to agree – we shall know on Saturday at the signing if it will be possible.

So, it’s all going really well and only 2 sleeps to go before the signing……

A slight detour and a birthday treat planned…

Somehow, we managed to take a wrong turn out of Bais to return to St Siméon, which is hard, considering it is predominantly on one main road!  Anyway, we did and were surprised by the lovely panoramic views we drove past.

We’d actually taken the road to Évron instead of Mayenne (headed south instead of west), however, on passing through one of the villages outside Mayenne, Mezangers, we saw a chateau in the distance.  Not wishing to miss anything, we decided to take a look….




Apparently, it’s free to walk around the chateau and grounds – how cool is that?!  So, we’ve planned a trip for my birthday next month – we’ll start at St Suzanne, just south of Évron and which is listed as the 3rd most attractive village in France, a visit to the chateau and finishing up at Jublains and the Roman museum to see the amphitheatre.  Perhaps we’ll have crépes for tea!♥