After Julie finished decorating her bedroom we discussed what was best to do next. Julie’s parents are visiting in April and we want their bedroom to be ready and comfortable for them too. But Edward was using that room at the moment and to decorate that one next would mean emptying two bedrooms. That didn’t seem sensible so we decided to move on to the bedroom that Julie had vacated. We emptied it of furniture and Julie began stripping wallpaper

01 02

03 04

Meanwhile the upstairs bathroom has been in need of updating like all other rooms in the house. It had pink nylon carpet which has offended us since day one. We also brought some new sinks with us to France that we liked and intended using in any new house. First things first though, replacing the flooring. We decided to go with floorboards. I set to preparing and fitting a new floor.


05 06

Fitting a floor is more straightforward than decorating a bedroom and it was soon in a state that it could be walked on. The bidet needs new fittings on it and I am also going to use the water supply from it to feed a wash basin in the toilet. To do this I need to drill through the stone walls into the loft void over the extension. It’s not a complicated job but it is a bit involved and so we stopped me working in the bathroom to help Julie with the bedroom.


07 08

This room is going to be a twin room and the single beds we have do not have head boards. Julie decided to make hanging cushion “headboards” and it was my task to make the rails from which to hang them. Julie looked up some designs on the internet and saw a picture where someone had also put shelves above the bed. She decided she wanted some of those so I had to make some. We had bought some wallpaper in a shop in Mayenne and after painting the majority of the room white, the feature wall was ready to be papered. I just had to move an electric socket and a light switch to accommodate changing the room from a double to a twin and the paper went up



09    11




The bedroom was finished in a week and both Julie and I really like it. Just as well really.