Years ago we had a cat called Bob. He was adventurous. In fact he was in to everything. One example was when Julie was painting the glass in the door panels which opened from the kitchen to the conservatory. We had decided we wanted a nice transparent blue and red border to the plain glass. So we stuck to wooden dividers in the panes and Julie was in process of painting.

She left the glass paint unguarded at the top of the step ladders for a brief moment and Bob upset it all! The stain on the linoleum in the kitchen simply would not come out and we had it replaced on the insurance. Bob however spent a few weeks as a black, white and red cat. Scarlet red!

We have just moved operations upstairs at La Biochere. The first and biggest bedroom is in process of decoration. Colin had probably been licking a salamander somewhere and decided to do something mental.

He climbed the ladders to the top. He may think he is the project manager inspecting the works. At any rate once at the top of the ladder he couldn’t get down. Is there anything more pathetic than a plaintive cat meow when they are stuck?


Idiot boy!