Today began misty and damp. We planned to go to Laval to collect and pay for a bargain we had spotted at Leroy Merlin. First though we had to get the washing dry. It was too wet to hang on the line so we took it to Gorron to put in the dryer there. There was a bit of a coincidence on the way over. A couple of days ago I said we had decided the crest for our house would be three wagtails as three wagtails had perched on our roof. I had not mentioned in this blog that I had told Julie that my old school crest was 3 cranes as 3 cranes had landed on the building when it was being constructed in 1495.

School Crest

I do not believe in coincidence or synchronicity but this morning as we drove towards Gorron through the mist in the field on our right were – 3 Cranes. It made me think. Unfortunately I couldn’t get a photograph of them as the fog prevented the camera focusing. But perhaps there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in my imaginings – if you’ll excuse the misquote.

We accomplished what we wanted in Gorron and set off to Leroy Merlin where we bought a sun screen canopy for 50 euro (Original price 249) some tiles for a splash back in the kitchen for 16.80 when they should have been 33.58 and 11 more boxes of tiles which were priced at 33.58 per box – all 11 boxes for 9.90 euros! Our last items were 6 outdoor aluminium chairs original price 69 euro down to 20 euro each. All in all we paid about 240 euro for things which would have cost us 1100 euro at their original price. We were as happy as sand boys. We are going back tomorrow to collect a garden table for 89 euro (original price 189 🙂


We were much later getting to the house at la Biochere than we had expected but happy with our purchases. We had upstairs to finish cleaning and after we had a small bite to eat and a cold drink (we’d forgotten to pack the power cord for the kettle) we decided to get on with the work. It was Julie’s turn to go to the stop cock and turn on the water which she did but when she came back there was no water. She said she had turned the tap a quarter turn as I had told her I had done. I had to go to investigate. It needs a bit of explaining but in the manhole in which the stop cock sits the mains water joins our house supply at a t junction. One of the tees supplies the house the other supplies some garden taps. Moreover one of the garden taps is directly above the manhole containing the stop cock. I got there to check what Julie had done and saw she had not turned on the mains supply at all. So I turned that tap and was drenched from above as I crouched over the manhole. Julie had turned on the supply to the garden taps but not the mains water.

Julie was confused as to why I was taking off my shirt as I walked back across the court yard. But it made her laugh when I told her what had happened. We need to replace at least one garden tap!

We cracked on with the cleaning Julie hoovering and me cleaning toilets and showers and velux windows. At one point I also went out side to put up a washing line and to hang my wet clothes on it. I did this in the luxury of the huge garden we are buying and, while I was, the cows in the neighbouring field took an interest. They came very close and as I was cutting back brambles and cotoneaster one took an interest so I handed it the cotoneaster clipping. Turns out cows don’t like cotoneaster. Well I thought I would try them on some windfall pears. Turns out some cows like pears and some are indifferent. Cow number 2555 from her ear tags was very keen on them. She was my best friend and when I thought I had to get on with my work she stared at me with wistful cow eyes, what else? So I fed her some more till Julie caught me skiving and I had to go back to toilet scrubbing!

It was a good day all in all though we have travelled a lot. If we hadn’t spotted the garden table bargain we would probably have had a day at home tomorrow. But bargains only come along every so often.