We’re totally exhausted with worrying about Colin.  He was fine on Monday, when we first let him out with Mouse and Jim.  He came back in time for bed and seemed content, although I got the sense he would have rather stayed out…

Tuesday morning, we let them out again, as usual and that was the last we saw of him.  Since then, we have been calling him, wandering around in the surrounding fields and checking in the trees and hedgerows, but he seems to have vanished.

Our closest neighbour put us in touch with an English couple, Richard and Christine, who live just outside the village and are well known for taking in cats.  They were very reassuring when we went to see them and they said they’d keep an eye out for him.  Later that evening, we heard someone calling for Colin in the field beyond the cottage – it was Richard, who had come to help look for him at a time when he was likely to be active…..

People have been so kind and helpful.  We have heard numerous stories now of cats that have disappeared for days, weeks, months, even years and have then turned up as if nothing had happened.  We haven’t lost hope that Colin will come back but we imagine as a young cat, he is having quite the adventure in the surrounding countryside – especially at harvest time – I can’t think he is very hungry with all the mice on offer…..

We miss him terribly and are doing all we can to alert people, and the local vet, to try to find him.  The next job will be the leaflet drop:


Avez vous vu ce chat ?


Son nom est Colin .

Il est un petit chat noir avec des rayures de tigre . Il est d’environ un an .

Si vous l’avez vu , s’il vous plaît communiquer avec Julie et Edward North à

La Bucherie , 61350 , St Siméon .


Later this morning, we had arranged to meet Amanda at her home, not far from Fougerolles du Plessis for a coffee.  It was good to go out and take our minds off Colin for a while and lovely to see Amanda again.  It feels like we have known each other for ages as there never seems to be a break in the conversation from one subject to the next!  It’s a shame she is only here for the summer but hopefully she will be moving out permanently in the near future.

It was fun to talk about the house we shall be buying and to compare and contrast what she and her husband are doing with their property and what we may be able to do with ours.  She has a beautiful home, in a lovely location and we could see why she feels like she has come home each time she approaches the house…..  off a country lane, you drive down a grassy track, which leads up to a lovely little stone bridge, where you can  imagine a troll might be living (!) – it’s like a fairy tale setting, very green with lots of trees, then over the bridge and up to the lovely stone house with attractive blue shutters, flanked on two sides by cow fields.  It’s so picturesque, I would hate to leave it if it were mine!

So, two hours later, and having booked our next meeting, we headed home for some lunch and to see if Colin has returned.  Sadly, nothing yet….