As spring has progressed we have been awaiting the return of cows to the fields around us. We are pretty much surrounded by just two large fields One is farmed by the Fouquet family and the other by M. Herve. The Fouquets brought some young cows to their field a week before M Herve brought some to his. But they introduced bulls to each field on the same day.

The bulls were well aware of each other. They established their harems of cows in their respective fields and began bellowing at each other across the narrow divide between them.

They are such heavy, commanding and powerful looking animals.

IMG_0781 IMG_0644

I like cows and went in to the field behind the house to introduce myself. The cows as usual are fairly timid but I expected the bull to be dominant and perhaps aggressive as he felt the competition in the other field.

Colin however is either brave or oblivious. He accompanied me and when I stopped to let the cows get a sight of me and get used to my presence, he didn’t. He went on and the cows and the bull gave way.

Colin is a marvellous little fellow