New doors

It was a beautiful start to the day this morning – lovely bright sunshine, clear skies and quite crisp – it soon warmed up to around 20 degrees by lunch time.

Yesterday we spotted some old doors being sold on AngloInfo, which were the right size for a couple we need to replace in the house – luckily, we had first dibs and arranged to see them this morning.  Sheila and Terry were based near Villaines la Juhel, which isn’t very far from the house.  As soon as we saw them, we knew they would be just right, and once we had them in the car, Sheila and Terry asked us in for a cup of tea….

They were such a nice couple and we must have chatted with them for an hour!  We hope that we might be able to return their hospitality once we are settled in our own home:-)


Once we had dropped the doors off, we headed back with the intention of stopping at Lassay les Chateaux for some sight-seeing.  On the way we bought sandwiches from the Boulanger at Courcité, just 10 minutes from the house and we ate them while enjoying the view of the surrounding countryside…


Villages, lakes and chateaux

From there, we drove through some pretty villages – Villaines la Juhel looked lovely, perhaps only half an hour from the house – until we reached Lassay les Chateaux…

A 15th century chateau was the first thing we visited and just from the outside it looked very impressive – certainly worth a future visit…

009 012 010

Around the other side of the castle, the area opened up to a lake, surrounded by houses and gardens – fishing of trout was allowed (except in September) at 7 Euros per 8 trout (assuming one was that successful an angler!).. Perhaps when we need a break from DIYing, Edward will come here to fish for our supper?!

013 018

At one point, at the top end of the lake, there were some stepping stones across the stream that ran alongside it, leading to an alley way to take you into the town…


Further round, still, there was the old washing pool, much like the one in St Fraimbault but complete with sculpture of a washer woman…

019 020

It was very pretty around the town square, although it’s like pulling hen’s teeth to get a decent picture of Edward – if he’s not pulling faces, he’s hiding, which, apparently, is highly amusing…



We decided to explore the other chateaux in the area another day.

Back home, everyone was pleased to see us and Colin had a mad half hour – he seems to have overcome his shyness (!) and is now chasing Charles’ cat, ‘Sina at every opportunity.  Often, she can be found in her ‘nest’ on the garage roof, where she seems to be free from pests like Colin…



No plans for tomorrow, other than packing for the trip to England on Saturday – collecting the last of the plants that Mum and Dad have been looking after for us, meeting up with friends and family, oh, and I have to attend a ‘naughty drivers’ course’ on Monday, having been caught speeding on my way to work in my last few weeks before leaving for France! (My old colleague, Mick, will love to hear about that one!!!) ♥