Beautiful autumnal days

October has been a beautiful month, with most days starting off misty and hazy sunshine – on days like this, it takes us a while to get over to the house as we keep stopping to take pictures!

004   001


Around each corner it seemed there was another stunning view…


Shorts and tea-shirts weather?!

As for the last few days, we have been unpacking and sorting (we have a lot of stuff!), ready for when we move in…  Having a well-deserved break on the terrace, we realised how warm it really was – at 4 pm the thermometer was reading 30 degrees C!

015   017

Granted, it’s in a south-facing position, against a warm stone wall, but even so, long may it last!!

Gentle distractions

Every now and then, I glance up and see a cow looking down at me from the field – either through a window or from the garden – the impulse is always to say hello!




Colin is missing again…

After a successful day at the house, we returned to find that Colin was still missing.  He’d dashed out of the house on Sunday night and no amount of calling would entice him back.  Monday morning, still no sign and we started to get a bit worried.  So when he still wasn’t around when we got back to the cottage, we started the search process again.  Our neighbour said he’d not seen him, which was unusual as he usually pops up during the day.  Edward started a search of the lower field while I set about getting the laundry on before joining the search…. Suddenly, he appeared from the entrance to the yard – phew!  None the worse for wear but that was it – he’s now in for the duration!  He did manage one escape in the evening and hid under the car until we offered him some ‘Dreamies’ – little Houdini…. He’s not happy being inside…


All packed up and 1 sleep to go!

So, most of the cottage is packed up now and taken over to the house – just the essentials remain.

This morning we have an appointment with our bank account manager, who will help us make the transfer of funds to the Notaire’s account, in time for tomorrow’s signing.

We’re also going to pop over to Mayenne to sort out the telephone and internet connection – hopefully we shall be set up within two weeks.

We’ll take a few more bits over to the house this afternoon and tidy up ready for tomorrow.

So, this is it, just one more sleep to go then we’ll be in – hoorah!!

We’ll struggle to post any news without internet but we’re hoping to do the odd update in McDonald’s!  In the meantime, we’ll keep taking photos and will start posting again when we’re connected…♥