Exploring our environment

Sometimes, we have a break from unpacking boxes and explore our immediate surroundings…..

While at the cottage, we found a little nest that had fallen out of the tree – not sure if the winds knocked it down or one of the cats found it, but it was so perfect….


Around the same time, we also found some lovely acorns – so common a thing but so perfectly formed, while at the house, on a visit to the chestnut tree, I found a Jay feather…..


Perhaps this little tableau may find itself in a print one day!

Edible finds!

Today, we were at the house yet again (!) but managed a brisk walk up to the Chestnut tree before leaving… What a treat in store this time!!


The field mushrooms were HUGE! And I really enjoyed having some for tea…. Edward declined with the comment ‘I hope they’re not poisonous…’  Well, I ate them over an hour ago and I’m still alive and kicking!   I can’t imagine a nicer thing to do than to go for a walk in the mornings to pick mushrooms for breakfast….. I think I’d like a mushroom brush for Christmas 🙂

Evening displays

For the last few days, we have been delighted by the stunning sunset displays.  This evening was no exception, despite us noticing the nights are drawing in….



Do I look like I’ve been drinking?

And finally, almost home and we were pulled over by a gendarme standing in the middle of the road in St Fraimbault de Prières…. ‘Bon soir’ he said and we responded in the same vein.  Then he asked me to blow in the tube for 4 seconds!  First time ever for me and it was very satisfying when he said ‘Parfait!’ after taking a reading, before wishing us a bonsoirée 🙂 ♥