Finally, after days and weeks of DIY, gardening and general tidying up, it was time to down tools and collect my parents from the train station at Sillé-le-Guillaume…

It was still light at 7.30pm and we thought it would be lovely for them to see La Biochère for the first time in its beautiful country setting…. Of course, we hadn’t expected complications…

The train duly arrived on time…..


But after everyone had disembarked and there was no sign of Mum and Dad, we realised something must have gone awry! Eventually, the station master came and found us. He asked if we were waiting for someone, a ‘couple Anglaise?’, ‘oui’, we replied. Turns out they had taken the wrong train out of Paris, which had more stops than their booked TGV, consequently, they missed their connection on the last train out of Le Mans to Sillé!!! 40 minutes later and we found them looking pretty forlorn in the waiting area in the Le Mans station – it was a relief that we didn’t have to fetch them from Paris!!!

So, it was after 10pm and dark by the time we arrived home with them. All the views and approach to La Biochère missed! But it was fun to show them around the house for the first time and their reaction to each area and room they were introduced to was priceless!

Exploring the surroundings.

After the late night and trauma of the previous day’s events, we decided to spend the first day of their visit at home.

After breakfast, we took a stroll up the lane from the house, taking in the wild flowers in the verges and the views at the top of the hill. Mouse was our companion on this walk….

The bluebells and cowslips down the lane were an absolute picture and La Biochère looked lovely in these surroundings on such a sunny day….

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A local tour

The morning of the next day was warm and sunny. We’d decided to stay local and take a look at the lake at Sillé, with perhaps a stroll around the town.

The lake looked stunning with the blue sky and a few fluffy white clouds….

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Instead of going back into Sillé, we took a drive over to Fresnay-sur-Sarthe, a pretty local town that we always enjoy visiting. It’s situated on a hill, overlooking a river valley – the best views are from the castle gardens….




On the way home, we took a slight detour to see the viaduct – it was started in the early 1900’s as part of a plan to build a local railway. The war stopped construction and after the war, construction was never resumed. It’s not connected to any railway network and is only used today for bungee jumping, but it’s impressive all the same!


It’s in a beautiful location – so peaceful with lots of butterflies flying around – we think we’ll go back with a picnic one day soon….

Back home and the afternoon was even warmer – Edward set up the hammock, Mum and I had loungers and Dad and Jim set up camp on the terrace – bliss!! ♥

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