For the last few days we have been keeping Colin and Mouse in during the day and only letting them out at night.  As Colin discovered, we are surrounded by maize fields (!), which is grown for green fodder and now is the time for the harvest.  The combines are ferocious looking things and we were worried the ‘kids’ would get caught in one…

We have been keeping an eye out to see when they may cut the fields near us – our first clue was when the ‘chasse’ (hunt) turned up at the end of the lane – they usually flush out any game prior to the maize being cut…

The next day, coming back from our visit to Emmaüs in Fougères, we were met with a tractor pulling an overflowing trailer of fodder…


True enough, the fields were being harvested – yey!  When they’re done, Colin and Mouse can get back to the normal routine of being let out during daylight hours!

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The kitchen is ready for collection!

Well, half of it, anyway!  We received an email from Monsieur and Madam Tétedoux to tell us we could collect part of the kitchen, as previously agreed at the end of the week.  We duly turned up with the trailer to take collection.  M Tétedoux was a dab hand at packing things into the car and trailer!  We think we shall be able to have enough units for the kitchen as well as some spares for the laundry room and back kitchen…



Aladin’s cave??

On the way back, we noticed a sign for a brocante, which was open – of course, we had to go in to have a look around!!


Edward thought he’d look great in the yard… mmm!!

The brocante was a mix of old and new, salvage and antiques – we had a great time browsing…






Needless to say, we managed to buy a couple of items but had to return for them today – now that was some hardship!!


A set of drawers for Edward’s workshop


And a marble-topped bedside cabinet for the spare room

We also ‘treated’ ourselves to some ‘special’ items as a house-warming gift (we don’t really need any excuses, do we?).  All will be revealed after we have taken possession of the house and they are delivered to us next week….

Market day in Mayenne

This morning we popped into Mayenne to see if we could find a supplier for telephone and internet.  We hadn’t realised it was market day, so took a look around the stalls…


 We bought some delicious apples..


and had some crepes with confiture for breakfast!

Sadly, SFR can’t provide a service to us (they seemed to have the best deal) but Orange can – we should be able to arrange to have it installed within a couple of weeks….  Hopefully we shall only be incommunicado for a few days but we know a McDonald’s with free wi-fi!! ♥