The other day one of the little calves escaped from the field at the side of our house. It was the very attractive brown and white calf and as I walked across the courtyard I saw it in the road. I didn’t get a photo as I was afraid the calf was going to run off.

As it happened the farmer had just turned up in the field below with a bale of hay. Its a good distance off but Julie walked down to the apple trees and shouted and gestured towards the farmer. I set off to walk down to him in case he didn’t see her. I stopped part way as the calf started to get nervous as I was trying to walk past it.

Luckily the farmer did spot Julie and started to drive up to the house, bu which time the calk had squeezed back under the barbed wire fence. The farmer, Herve, got out of his tractor and I explained about the calf. He wasn’t worried as he said it would not stray far from its mum.

We invited him in for a coffee and we had a chat. Its amazing, everybody in the worldseems to know our house. In Herve’s case his grandmother used to own it! His mother was born here. He stayed here when he was younger and the house was arranged quite differently then. The kitchen was where our living room now is and there was no extension. I didn’t ask but I am not sure all the bedrooms upstairs were in use then either. Herve said he used to sleep in the bedroom next to the kitchen when he visited his grandmother, so ground floor.

Herve is a nice chap and I asked him if he knew anyone who could cut the long grass below the apple trees. He immediately sais he would do it. People here are so kind! He said one day when he has to come up to do some cultivating he will use his tractor to cut our grass. I was really pleased and asked him how much he wanted for doing it. He said nothing! Like I said, people here are so kind. I told him he must cme to us for a meal and happy to do so.

Once we have the grass cut down to a reasonable height we can keep on top of it with the ride on mower and we will have reclaimed a nice big part of our land.