Beautiful blue skies today and not a rain cloud in sight – hoorah!

After breakfast we headed over to St Siméon, the next village from St Fraimbault, to meet our new landlord, Charles and to look around our new, temporary dwelling, as from next Saturday.  He was lovely and very laid back about us bringing 3 cats to the cottage and the van-load of plants we brought over from England, which seem to have taken up most of the courtyard.

It was great to see inside the cottage – we’re looking forward to moving in and making it our home for the next few weeks/months until we find our own place.  We’re also hoping to see some of the wildlife that Charles has become used to seeing around his property – deer, barn owls, etc…….

After spending some time with Charles, we carried on for  visit to Mayenne, in the next sector to Normandy.  We were pleasantly surprised – it was really lovely – a castle on the hill:

an impressive buttressed cathedral:

and the River ‘La Mayenne‘ running through it:

The surrounding countryside is stunning – acres and acres of rolling farmland.

We have arranged to see three properties in the region next week……..

Back home in time for tea and to check on the cats – all seemed well so thought I’d take Colin and Mouse for a walk in the garden on their leads…..  Mouse sat in one spot and wouldn’t move.  Colin, on the other hand, was constantly casing the joint to work out his escape route, managing to scale one wall in the process.  Thankfully I had hold of the lead and managed to bring him down, despite his growling at me – not a happy bunny!!

Colin back inside – ‘don’t fence me in’???!