The living and dining rooms are finally finished and the last few boxes unpacked, with the help of Mouse, of course…




So, time to put up some Christmas decorations!!

The holly and the ivy…..

Along with mistletoe, bracken and cotoneaster berries were used to make up our first wreath – Edward cut some hazel withies, which I used to make the base of the wreath…..


While the foliage was picked from around the garden and the lane…


Ta da!!

006 007

Fairy lights and candles…

Inside, the dining room Christmas tree has gone up, along with table centre pieces, mantle foliage and lots of candles!!



Christmas card deliveries

Each day last week our friendly postman brought us Christmas cards from England!  What a lovely surprise, it’s so nice to know we’re being thought of and we really appreciate the notes and letters that accompanied them….



Mystery card…

We have a mystery on our hands – someone has kindly taken the trouble to send us a card but forgot to write in it, so we don’t know who it’s from!!  If this card is from you, we’d love know 🙂



Marché de Noël

We’ve noticed many of the local towns and villages are holding Christmas markets, so we popped down to Bais on Saturday to have a look around – it was packed!!  Stalls surrounded the church, selling anything from patisserie crepes and from jewellery to Christmas ornaments…

047   046

It certainly got us into the Christmas spirit 🙂


Another job finished

Meanwhile, Edward has completed work on the island in the kitchen, well, almost!  What a great job – cladding on three sides, kick boards, worktop edging and electricity finished and connected.  The mug shelves are also done bar the front edging to finish them off – it’s such a nice work space and will tie in nicely with the rest of the room when it’s all painted up – colour scheme to be revealed later…….



And finally….

While there are plenty of jobs to do around the house, there are ‘little’ bits and bobs that get done every now and then which make a big difference to the overall effect.  Yesterday morning, Edward made window sills for the living room and dining room – strangely, these had been left without any finish and looked very unsightly…


How different they look now….


They’ll eventually be painted but that can wait until after Christmas and in the meantime, will look very festive! ♥