The journey back and forth to the house is getting a little tiresome. The fact that we will only have to do it for a few more days is a help in keeping us going. That and the fact that the country round here is beautiful. This morning was no exception. The weather was misty and still and the lake at Ambriere Les Vallees was like a mirror

001 002 003It also helps that we love the place when we do get there. Coming away from the rented cottage, which is so overgrown that it is hard to tell whether it is day or night, it is so refreshing to see the sun shining and have some space.


The wildlife seems to like it too. We have a woodpecker who must live close by as he spends much of the day in our courtyard. Today he was having a good look round the small barn

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We didn’t take pictures of the woodpecker till later on in the day. We spent most of the rest of the time getting the house ready to move in to on Wednesday. It is important to have somewhere comfortable to rest one’s head. And after the last weeks it will be a real pleasure to have somewhere clean and free from damp to sleep. Here is one of the bedrooms which, though it is obviously in need of decorating, looks immeasurably more civilised.

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The lamp on the mirrored set of drawers is a gift that Barbara kindly gave to us. We think it looks good in there.

We have also been thinking about the courtyard and how we can make it more attractive. We have a decorative column which has a sundial on top. We put this in the middle to see how it might suit. It looks a bit lost! Hopefully though we will be able to make it work