Another bright day and we’re up early (relatively speaking!) packing up in the gite at St Fraimbault…..


It took a while….. but with Colin’s help, we got it back to normal


and ready for the next visitors ♥


We filled both cars and headed over to St Siméon, where Charles showed us around and gave us the key to the cottage.


It just took a couple of trips with both cars, bringing the cats over on the second trip.  They seemed to enjoy exploring their new temporary home, while we made it more home-like for us all….

015 016

It’s been 28 degrees today, so we bought some loungers that Ed spotted for a bargain in the Super U…..


We did a bit more organising after tea, discussed internet access with Charles, who has kindly allowed us to use his wi-fi, then set up in the garden to catch up on emails and blogging!

017We’re going to stay in Charles B&B for tonight then we can sort out the bedrooms tomorrow – it’s been a happy day!