An early start (relatively speaking!)

We awoke early on Wednesday morning, probably in anticipation of our belongings making their way back to us but also because we’d arranged to collect some items we were buying from Sheila and Terry, on they way over to the house (we’d previously bought the old doors from them).

So, laden with an electric staple gun, pillar drill and chainsaw (not so keen on the last one but think we need it where we’re going), we made our way over to the house.

Just after 10 am we arrived to find the French artisan waiting for us, who we’d asked to pop over to view the roofs on the house and barns and to provide a quotation for the work.  We are hoping the quotation will come in soon so that we can get the work started as soon as we are the owners of the property – we’d like to get the roofs sorted before winter sets in…

We were anticipating Burke Bros removals to arrive any time between 10.30 am and 12 noon, but we’d taken a call from Dean on our drive over to the house to say they’d be with us around 10.30.  Each time we heard a large vehicle on the road below, we dashed out to see if it was them…


No, this wasn’t them (!) but a couple of minutes later, Edward said ‘that sounds like a Burke Bros truck’….


Hoorah, they’d arrived!!!!

Dean and Pete had worked on packing us up in England and had travelled out to us in France to complete the job.  They had to assess the access first and walked up the lane to meet us… The right-angled turn looked tight but Dean, the driver, thought he could do it without unhitching the trailer….

065 068

Unfortunately, despite Dean’s driving skills and Pete’s guidance, they just couldn’t quite make it around the corner, so…..

069 we took out some fence posts to make it easier, in front of on-lookers, too!


During the process, Monsieur Fouquet turned up to check on his cows and I was sure we’d be in trouble… Instead, he greeted us warmly, surveyed the scene and brought a tin of nails and a hammer to put the barbed wire back in place!  We were unable to re-insert the posts all the way but he assured us that the cows wouldn’t escape and the farmer would come in the next day or so to knock the posts back in – no problem!

First things first

After the drama of getting the whole shebang up to the house, Edward put the kettle on.  There’d been much hilarity between us, back in England, when we’d joked that we’d need to claim back on teabags during their three days of packing us up…. Dean walked into the kitchen with a new box of teabags, in ‘compensation’!!!  Edward laughed and said he’d frame them….


He sent a photo of this back to Burke Bros HQ, with the message that this was for use as a Burke Bros emergency!  It caused lots of laughter both here and in the UK apparently, so we were off to a good start….

It was so exciting to see our belongings again, many of which we’d forgotten about!   The Floor plan exercise, a few weeks ago, was worthwhile as we were able to direct Dean and Pete with each item as it came off the van and trailer…. the living room and dining room soon started to take shape….

083 087

It was a long day and the lads worked hard, as long as the tea kept flowing !


By 6.30, the trailer was empty, along with about half of the main truck.  Dean explained that their colleagues, Glen and Tom, were driving up from Spain and were meeting them at our house, later in the evening, to help finish the unloading in the morning, before heading back to the UK from Caen in the afternoon.  All of a sudden we heard a van coming up the drive with the theme from the ‘A Team’ blaring out the windows – Glen and Tom had arrived early!!!

Introductions made, we left them to it to settle down for the night and recharge their batteries for the next day.

Back again

Thursday morning and we managed to leave the house by 8am, with the aim of being back with the team for a 9am start…. It was a beautiful morning…


We arrived at the house to find that the lads had already been going for an hour!  Most of the load that was left was for the bedrooms and boxed items from the attic from our old house – the place was beginning to fill up!!  But everyone was in good humour as they continued to unload..

Glen and Tom played the fool (and music) but kept working all the same, it was nice to see how well they all got on with each other.


By 11am they were down to the last few boxes and running up and down the ramp to clear them..


By this point, every room in the house seemed to be full with boxes and/or furniture – it’s going to take us a while to sort through it all!

097 099 105

It will also be fun and we are very grateful for the help from the lads, their constant good humour but overall, total professionalism and willingness to help.

Another visit to the vet

The reason they were rushing so much was because we had to leave early in the afternoon to get back in time to take Jim to the vet.  His eyesight was still bad on Wednesday but we gave him a double dose of his medicine and by the morning he seemed to be able to see us again.  Still, we needed to have him checked out by the vet, just to be sure…

It wasn’t the vet we’d seen before but he was just as nice and took some time with us to look Jim over and check out the drugs.  He acknowledged he was a good age and we were doing as much as we could for him – a double dose for a couple more days but then see if he is ok on his usual dosage…. When we went to pay, he refused and said it wasn’t necessary – how lovely.  We have everything crossed that Jim will be ok – he has taken to sleeping outside in the ‘hay’ at the back of the cottage and seems happy enough……(Jim’s the one on the right)♥