Rain, a late start and bargain hunting

We had plans for an early start and to visit the vide grenier at Aron today but the wet weather we woke up to put a dampener on that and our moods:-(  By the time we sorted ourselves out, we thought we’d go to the house anyway, it was well past 10am but the rain, at least, had stopped…

As we entered Aron, there seemed to be lots of people and cars about, so it looked like the vide grenier was on, despite the weather!  So, we parked up and went in search of bargains…

001 002

It wasn’t packed but there was plenty to see and it wasn’t long before the empty areas were filled with stalls – perhaps it was a good thing we’d arrived later than planned!

Soon we’d made our first purchases – a 1930’s/1940’s ornamental clock with matching vase (surely an essential item for the house?) and an outdoor lamp, which matched one we had brought with us from England… 5 Euros each…

003 006

Further round, we spotted another lamp, this one was quite large and would be ideal for outside the barn.  The stall holder was lovely, he sold it to us for 10 Euros and offered to keep all our purchases in the boot of his car, while we continued to look around!

No more purchases but a sausage sandwich and frites later, we retrieved our finds and headed over to the house.  Our moods had lightened somewhat and as we drove down one of the country roads leading to ‘ours’, a pine marten ran across the road in front of us – amazing!  We had no idea they were in the area but we’ve seen red squirrels too, both species we’ve only seen in Scotland before (and Northumberland for the squirrels) – what a treat!

A recurring theme – More unpacking!

It was quite late by the time we arrived at the house but we managed to clear some more boxes in the barn… oh, and photograph the large lamp we purchased – new glass and a lick of paint and it will be lovely!


It takes longer than you might think to unpack!  It took most of the afternoon to sort out boxes in the barn, find various tools that we needed and unpack the garden tools and put them away in their new home!  By around 6pm we’d about done all we could for the day.

I think we won’t know ourselves with all the space we seem to have here!

018a 019b

021 020

Meanwhile, there have been some new arrivals…

As we were packing up to leave, the neighbouring cows took an interest, coming quite close to the fence and we spotted this little critter…


In the distance, Edward thought he saw his ‘favourite’, No. 2555 with a calf too…. all seems well with the world!


And finally…

Edward has managed to set up a ‘range extender’ for the internet, which Charles has kindly agreed to let us use but for which we only receive a weak signal in the cottage…. Instead of wrapping up and sitting outside, where the signal is strongest, and where the mosquitos have taken to a nightly feed on any exposed, or even unexposed body parts, we are cosy on the settee in front of the wood-burner writing the blog and surfing the net – hoorah!!♥